Make Your Life Flow Easy

Swimming Software is dedicated to create custom Windows applications and websites. Working intimately with the client, this business intends to design applications and websites with quick turnaround times in order to allow you to focus on your business and family.


All applications that are made by Swimming Software are available on this website for purchase. This includes any customized applications for past clients.

The first two applications produced by Swimming Software are SSRundownPlayer and SSBudgeter. These two applications were created because they were needed by me, Josh Davis, on a personal level.
I needed SSBudgeter in order to understand what bills I needed to pay every month, and how much I'd have left over from my paychecks. There were also other reasons why I made it, which may become clear if you download the program.
I created SSRundownPlayer because I produce two television shows that air live. They are not recorded (for the most part). So, because I didn't have the cash to buy a rundown program, and because some of those programs are in the cloud and I dislike that concept, I created this platform program. Plus, I added things to the program that some big-name rundown programs don't have, such as an embedded clock.

Custom Websites

Custom websites can be made by Contacting me. What you'll need is to have a good idea of what you need from the website and what the purpose of the website is. We can work on the design and functionality together as a team.

Websites created by Swimming Software: